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Getting the best performance from your 4x4

When properly tuned your 4x4 vehicle’s steering and suspension should:

  • Provide and enhanced, smoother ride for maximum comfort
  • Transfer the load easily when towing
  • Provide better entry & exit angles
  • Give longer tyre life & better use of tyre design
  • Driver stability, handling & traction in all conditions
  • Lessen driver & passenger fatigue

The following 4 points are the key to optimum performance from your 4WD's steering & suspension:

  • Fine Tuning the Suspension to each Individual's Needs - This will help ensure your vehicle steers in a straight line, to achieve the utmost driver control and pleasurable driving
  • Positive Rake - This is where the back of the vehicle is slightly raised in comparison to the front, whether loaded or unloaded. This is the simplest adjustment made to correct tyre wear.
  • Ride Comfort & Advice - It is essential to select the correct shock absorber for individual needs. This helps make your tyres grip firmly to the ground.
  • Cornering Stability - The sway or roll of the body has a direct link between vehicle stability & the safe handling of its load. This helps reduce the effects of motion sickness.